Afghanerspesialen 1999
Linnesvollen, 15.08.99
Dommer: Meike DeHaney, knl Irminsul, Tyskland
(11 hanner og 19 tisper påmeldt)


BIS Nord Sf Ch Only Angels Have Wings
BIM N S Ch Elsto's Alive and Kicking

BT-2,Cert Tell's Easy Come Easy Go
BH-2 N S Ch Moving Ladies 'N Gentlemen
BT-3 N Ch Moving Uptown Girl
BH-3 N S Ch Moving Lost In Space
BH-4,cert Catch The Sun

BIS veteran N S Ch Elsto's Alive and Kicking
BIM veteran N Ch Elsto's Flowers for Zoe

BIS valp Moving Copycat
BIM valp Khaos Wish of Tomorrow

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