Afghanerspesialen 2018

Norsk Myndeklubb, Afghaner Spesialen, Horten 03.06.18
 Dommer: Mario Martinez, Kennel Golddraggon, Spania 
  ( 22+25  + 1 valp deltok)
BIS Ch Gold`n Copper Stay `t Night "Melody"
2 BTK Ch Esbelto`s Norwegian Design "Stitch"
3 BTK Phillmarspicehill J'Adore Of Mihdian "Irma"
4 BTK Ch Gold`n Copper Goodgirl GoneBad "Prada"
BIM Ch Amal Salang Dreams Come True "Philippe"
2 BHK Ch Niji Kahani BadToTheBone Of Mihdian "Kizz"
3 BHK Esbelto`s Hermes "Hermes"
4 BHK & Cert Esbelto`s It Is Disturbing "Finn"
res. Cert LeeJoy`s Fire Fox "Franz"
BIS Veteran Ch Gold`n Copper Stay `t Night "Melody"
BIM Veteran CClesnov`s Amjad Jalil "Amjad"
BIR Junior Esbelto`s It Is Disturbing "Finn"
BIM Junior Phillmarspicehill J'Adore Of Mihdian "Irma"
BIR Unghund Esbelto`s Hermes "Hermes"
BIS Avlshund Ch Esbelto`s Not Your BFF "Lilo"
BIS Oppdretter Kennel Gilthoniel V/ Ingunn R. R. Heimdal
BIS Valp Punapaulan Sahara "Sahara"
Beste Bevegelser Ch Awbari Licorice Raindrops "Salty"
Best Hode/Uttrykk Moving Back To Bacics "Lara"





Presentasjon av dommer på spesialen vår 2018; Mario Martinez, knl Golddragon, Spania.

I’ve always loved nature and animals. Since I was born, I’ve been raised with animals, and I’ve always felt a great passion for dogs and horses, although as everybody knows, I finally focused that passion in dogs.
The breed which I’m truly in love is the Afghan Hound.Our first afghan arrived to our home accidentally, when I was just a child and our first litter would be born in 1999 out of our beloved “Nice Masked Blonde”. This litter could not be registered under our prefix as it would not be granted to us until two months latter.
Together with my brother Joaquin Martínez, formed the Golddragon prefix in1999, and the first litter under our kennel name arrived in 2000 and we entered with that litter deeply into the dog show world and into the selective dog breeding. From that point on, I’ve loved to bred, but mainly I’ve enjoyed to prepare, train and show my dogs.

In 2001 arrived our first title: Junior World Winner in Portugal, and in 2002 our first Spanish Champion. Since then we’ve got no rest, and the result can be seen in our 58 individual Champions and more than 200 adult Champion titles in countries around the world, plus multiple Winner titles.
Several years we’ve been awarded with Best Afghan or Best in Group 10 in Spain, Russia, Argentina, Cuba and Venezuela, together with multiple SBIS and BIS in different countries.
We’ve exported to countries like Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Cyprus, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, USA, UK and India.
During this years, we’ve also bred whippets, Italian greyhound, Golden Retriever, Teckel and more recently Basenjis, which are winning their first championships.

Nowadays I’m judging Afghan Hound, Whippet and Saluki, being Specialist Judge for Afghan hounds . As a judge I’ve been honoured to judge National all breed dog shows in Spain, the DAC (Deutscher Afghanen Club) specialty in Germany in 2015 and the FALAPA specialty in France in 2016.
I wait with excitement the moment to arrive to Norway and be able to discover the country, and to judge beautiful dogs in a wonderful place, with nice people!


Mario Martínez